Tara Mooney

Tara Mooney started working in facility houses in 1996 and joined Beacon Studios in July 2000, as Studio Manager. The personification of Rudyard Kipling's 'If', Tara is a great one for keeping her head, while those around are losing theirs.

email: tara@beaconstudios.net


Gerard Gogan

Gerard Gogan is a man who is comfortable on both sides of the glass partition. Gerard began his engineering career in Dublin’s recording industry in the early 80s, before bringing his considerable talents to Beacon in 1997.

email: gerard@beaconstudios.net


Noel Storey

Noel is one of Ireland's most respected Sound Engineers and probably the only man who could do justice to Prince's entire catalogue inside a 30 second spot.

email: noel@beaconstudios.net