Charity Work

We also managed to help out a lot of charities this year.. Focus Ireland,, to name but a few and when you see the amazing work these people are doing every day, you soon realise that what we do….well it beats working!

Core Business

Of course our most important work is right here in Dublin where we offer a professional service to the Irish Advertising business and their clients.

TV Work

We have done a lot of ADR for tv this year on programmes such as ‘The Village’ for BBC1, ‘Beaver Falls’ for E4, ‘Transporter’ for Network TV in America, ‘Truckers’ for BBC1 and ‘Played’ for Canadian TV.


In 2009 we worked with 2K games recording Sarah Bolger for BioShock and this year we worked on a game for UbiSoft.

Goodbye Séamus

2013 was the year we said a sad farewell to the great Séamus Heaney, we had the pleasure of working with Séamus in 2008/9 on the entire recording of his great canon of work for the RTE and Lannan Foundation CD box set.